Excellent nutrition reduces overfeeding and underfeeding; improves immune system; improves herd health; improves rate of gain; improves feed efficiency; and improves profit over feed cost. Only Agri-King analyzes your feedstuffs regularly for amino acids for precisely balanced swine rations.

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Swine Nutrition Products

It’s important to take care of swine health, energy, and nutrition so that you can avoid any problems down the road. It’s always better to have healthier swine than to save a few dollars on nutrition. These are some of the nutrition products we offer to keep your pigs healthy and happy.

reap swine nutritionREAP® releases a significant amount of energy by increasing the rate and extent of nonstarch polysaccharide (NSP) digestion in corn, soybean meal, and grain by-products through its blend of carbohydrase and protease enzymes. REAP® also can improve weight gain, digestion, feed conversion, carcass yield, and profitability.

tri-lution nutrition for swineTri-Lution® is a direct-fed microbial designed using competitive exclusion technology that contains a combination of bacteria, yeast, and prebiotic nutrients to aid in enhancing nutrient digestion and absorption in the intestine.


Fusion is A starter pellet used as a sole feed from weaning until the transition to a “grind and mix” ration for pigs weighing 11 to 16 pounds.

A-K Easy Wean Basemix is a highly digestible source of essential nutrients and specialized feed ingredients to make feeds for 15 to 25-pound pigs. It is designed to be the first grind and mix feed for pigs weaned at 16 to 24 days. Specialized ingredients include whey, lactose, blends of animal protein products and an ideal balance of amino acids.

A-K Starter Basemix is used to build feeds for pigs weighing 25 to 50 pounds. It supplies a balanced blend of animal protein products and synthetic amino acids to ease the transition from complex nursery diets to corn-soy grower rations.

A-K Grower and A-K Finisher Basemix are used to balance rations for grower and finisher pigs. A-K Grower (50 lb./ton) and A-K Finisher (40 lb./ton) supply calcium, phosphorus, salt, and essential vitamins and trace minerals to the pig.

A-K Sow Basemix provides optimum levels of chromium, pyridoxine, calcium, phosphorus, choline, biotin, vitamin E, manganese, riboflavin, and folic acid to meet the production and maintenance needs of the sow. It supplies the sow with organic chelates of selenium, zinc, manganese, and copper.


Nutri-Blend Premix contains essential micronutrients to fortify feeds for starter pigs, developing gilts and gestating and lactating sows. High levels of vitamins and trace minerals promote the growth and development of gilts, while proven levels of key nutrients support the highest levels of productivity in the sow.

Nutri-Phos Premix is a premium vitamin and trace mineral premix designed to balance complete feeds and basemixes for grow-finish feeds. It supplies the phytase enzyme to reduce the use of inorganic phosphorus.

Nutri-Gain Premix is a highly concentrated vitamin and trace mineral premix for producers and feed mills that require a low-inclusion premix for their grow-finish rations. Multiple inclusion rates are designed to complement phase feeding programs.


A-K Hoof King® supplies the sow with 8 essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen the wall, cartilage, and ligaments of the hoof. These same nutrients are frequently prescribed to treat skin lesions and restore the hair coat in gilts and sows. A-K Hoof King® is recommended for herds with a high occurrence of eroded heels, cracked hooves or skin lesions.

Flavor King is a proprietary combination of flavor and aroma enhancers to stimulate feed intake by satisfying the pig’s desire for sweetness. The sweetness equivalency factor is 100, or one pound of Flavor King is equal to 100 lbs. of sugar.

Super Pro is a blend of amino acids and electrolytes that promote muscle growth and water retention in the carcass.

Swine Super Micro® is a highly-fortified nutritional stress product that helps gilts and sows cycle, breed and settle. The product contains B vitamins that maintain blood cells, increase embryonic survival, reproductive performance, and feed digestion.

It’s important to give the right swine feeds and nutrition products to your hogs and we can help! Give us a call today.