Excellent nutrition reduces overfeeding and underfeeding; improves immune system; improves herd health; improves rate of gain; improves feed efficiency; and improves profit over feed cost. Only Agri-King continually analyzes for 18 different amino acids in your feedstuffs to precisely balance swine rations.

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Key Swine Program

Swine Feed Program, Swine Nutrition, Key Swine ProgramAgri-King makes use of a variety of growth models to design a swine feed program for a range of production systems. Our objective is to customize a swine feed program focused on swine nutrition – using both traditional and alternative feedstuffs – that matches your performance and financial objectives. Ingredient analysis, particularly of alternative feedstuffs, will increase the precision and accuracy of your swine feeds, helping reduce overfeeding/underfeeding, support better herd health, improve feed efficiency, and boost profit over feed cost.

The Agri-King Key Swine Program focuses on:

  • Complete phase feeding
  • Programs to choose from to best fit your hogs’ genetic potential
  • Ability to incorporate a variety of commodity feedstuffs
  • Rations adjusted based on feed intake of your hogs
  • Desired nutrient levels to match your feedstuffs, your facilities, and your hogs genetics
  • Exclusive amino acid profiles of your grain and protein sources

For a full list of Agri-King’s swine products, click here.

Feed Efficiency

Feed purchases are the largest single cost of producing pork. Profitable swine production largely depends on maximizing the value of your feeds. However, it’s always better to have healthier swine than to save a few bucks. Swine feed efficiency is a widely used calculation to evaluate the overall efficiency of a farm. It usually, but not always, reflects the lowest feed cost per pound gain and lowest margin over feed costs. A broad range of nutritional, veterinary, genetic and environmental factors impact feed efficiency.

Dietary and management practices that improve production efficiency are associated with increased profitability. Improved nutrient utilization and efficiency will maximize nutrient retention in the pig and minimize nutrient excretion in the manure. This is both profitable for the producer and more beneficial for the environment.

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