Organic Dairy

Agri-King provides dairy producers with a personalized nutritional program that offers flexible solutions to improve herd profitability. Agri-King provides highly fortified products that perform in precisely balanced rations to achieve optimum herd health and performance for all ages of dairy cattle.

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certified dairy organic nutrition for dairy cowsWith changing times comes changing ideas of how to do things. Agri-King realizes organic dairies have been growing consistently over the past decade. To meet the demand for organic-certified products, we’ve redesigned our top Key Dairy Program products to offer a complete line of certified organic dairy nutrition products designed to enhance production efficiency and performance of dairy cattle in organic production systems. All of Agri-King’s organic products are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).

Premium Special is a trace mineral (including bioavailable complexed trace minerals) and vitamin product precisely formulated to optimize all aspects of organic dairy production.

Zym-O-Factors® Special and Ru-Mend® Special are enzyme products that deliver targeted improvements in starch and fiber digestion to enhance performance in grain-fed or high forage production systems.

Tri-Lution® Ruminant Special is a patented blend of naturally-occurring (live) microorganisms that provide balance to the rumen and intestines, supporting overall animal health.

A-K Hoof King® Special is designed to be fed to dairy cattle to promote hoof health and hoof tissue integrity. A-K Hoof King® Special should be fed in situations where hoof health is poor due to hairy warts, foot rot, acidosis, laminitis, soft hoof tissue or any condition that negatively affects hoof health and integrity.

Super Micro® Special is designed to supply additional vitamin and bioavailable complexed trace minerals during stressful periods of feeding.

Selenium Yeast 600 Special is a source of selenium for livestock. Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is required by livestock for optimal reproduction, immune function, and health. Selenium Yeast is generally considered to be more bio-available and bioactive to animals compared to selenium from sodium selenite.