The Key Beef Program provides beef producers personalized rations that offer flexible solutions to improve herd profitability. Agri-King provides highly fortified products that perform in precisely balanced rations to achieve optimum herd health and performance meeting the nutritional needs of all ages of beef cattle.

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Beef Cattle Nutritional Products

beef cow nutritional productsMaximiser® is a blend of enzymes, direct-fed microbials, and nutrients designed to enhance digestibility, feed efficiency, and nutrient metabolism at the rumen and cellular level.

Zym-O-Factors® is designed to be fed to beef cattle to enhance ruminal starch digestion when the manure contains excessive starch, feed efficiency is low and/or feed intake is poor. Zym-O-Factors® will stabilize ruminal digestion during ration changes and improve carbohydrate availability from starch to maximize nutrient supply for high-producing beef cattle.

Tri-Lution® is a direct-fed microbial designed using competitive exclusion technology to help animals through stressful times and keep track of your beef nutrition & health.

Beef Jump Start is designed to supply additional vitamins and trace minerals during stressful periods, such as during receiving. It contains Tri-Lution® technology for improved gut health and performance.

Beef Multi-Factors supplies the daily requirements of vitamins and trace minerals for all classes of beef cattle. It is designed to aid in herd health, immune function, body maintenance, and gain. It contains vitamins, inorganic and organic trace minerals, and digestibility enhancers.

Agri-King Drench is An oral synbiotic product designed to provide nutritional support for cattle during times of stress using electrolytes, B vitamins, and Agri-King’s patented Tri-Lution® technology.

Micro XX® is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance ruminal digestion and should be fed in situations when nitrates are present in the forages or water, water pH, water sulfate content, ration sulfur content, ration crude protein, soluble protein or ammonia are high.

Super Micro® is designed to supply additional trace minerals and vitamins during stressful periods of feeding in all classes of cattle.

Key-Bac Paste® is a special purpose product that contains Tri-Lution® technology, minerals, vitamins, rumen enhancers and sugars that enhance appetites of beef cattle during periods of stress.

Super Calf Tone® is a nutritional supplement containing Tri-Lution® designed to be fed to calves during stressful times, such as bacterial challenges causing scours. It can be fed in milk replacer or grain rations.

For your beef nutrition and health needs, call Agri-King today.