Key Beef Program

The Key Beef Program is designed to help reduce sick days, improve daily gains, reduce feed intake, create better carcass quality, optimize reproduction and maximize profits.

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Beef Nutrition Program

Part of our Key Beef Program, the Agri-King cow/calf program focuses on important factors that make producers profitable. Through proper nutrition balancing and fortification, Agri-King strives to maintain cow and calf health, minimize body condition during gestation, maximize colostrum quality and milk production for both improved and less costly weaning weights, and lessen the number of days to breeding for a more profitable calving interval.

Creep Feed

Supplementing nursing calves with an Agri-King formulated creep feed will improve weaning weights and help maintain a healthy immune system when cows do not have sufficient milk to support optimum calf growth. This can be an extremely beneficial supplement to your operation and maintain healthier cows and calves.


A smooth transition to new feeds and environment is the cornerstone of a backgrounding program. Using a base vitamin-trace mineral mix along with direct-fed microbials will help minimize mortality and morbidity rates and allow the beef cattle to adapt to new feeds sooner. Shorter wait times in between makes for better overall health. Added enzymes improve digestibility thereby improving feed efficiency and lowering the number of days to market.


Beef Cattle Feed Program

A successful stocker program will achieve two goals: Maximize the rate of gain as efficiently as possible and optimize health prior to shipping. Agri-King’s philosophy of optimal fortification and improved digestibility via optimizing rumen and intestinal health is a key component in achieving these goals.


The goals of an Agri-King grower/finisher diet are to maximize feed efficiency, lessen days to market, optimize carcass quality and minimize mortality and morbidity rates.

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