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What They’re Saying About Silo-King®

Customer Testimonials

“Having an autumn block calving herd, silage quality is key to our system. We aim to maximise milk from forage, producing over 4600 litres from forage and find Silo-King does an excellent job of preserving our high-quality silages.”

— Andrew Baird, Auchnotrach Farm (Lanark, Scotland)
Winner, 1st Cut Silage Competition, AgriScot 2017


“We consider making top-quality forages as an essential part of our farm management and a major contributor to farm profitability. We get excellent fermentation with reduced dry matter loss and, because of the enzymes in Silo-King, increased digestibility. We use Silo-King on all our grass silage, maize, whole crop and crimp and it is an important factor in increasing milk from forage.”

— Darren and Stuart McMurran (Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland)


“We used Silo-King silage additives on all our forages for the first time in 2017. With new forages in the ration from mid-summer onwards, we’ve dropped 2.5 ppl of concentrate costs. Milk production went up 2 litres. In mid-December 2017, the ration sat at 50% forage, which was the highest level for some years. We will be using Agri-King’s Silo-King additives again this year.”

— Neil Baker, Bakers Farm of Haselbury Plucknett (Crewkerne, England)
Winner, 2015 NMR Gold Cup


“We have been using the Silo-King forage additive for seven years with consistently excellent results. We never have any waste on our two silage clamps and have great fermentation every year. The digestibility of our first and second cuts are always 75%-plus after treating with Silo-King. This year, the first cut is a north Wales competition winner and placed third in an all-Wales competition. The silage boasts 30% DM, 17.6 protein with a low lactic and ammonia with a D value of 86%. When our silage was fed to our 150 Jersey herd, the milk production went up by two litres/head/day.”

— A.B. Jones, Rhydonnen Farm (Ruthin, Wales)


“Good silage is expensive; poor silage is extremely expensive. The cost of using Silo-King is more than offset by having less sugar burned up during the fermentation process, less heat damage to protein, greatly reduced secondary fermentation and no yeast and molds on the pit face.”

— David Corrigan (Rathvilly, Co. Carlow, Ireland)


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