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Silo-King® Forage Treatment Products

logo for silo kingSilo-King has been designed to help the rumen unlock more of the nutrients from forage and to improve profitability. Silo-King products can be used to treat grass, lucerne, wholecrop, and maize silage plus hay and moist grains. It is available in granular and water-soluble forms and Silo-King Special is available for organic producers.

Forage and Cereal for Cow Health

The core of any ruminant diet is the forage. Bugs in the rumen break down fibrous feeds that simple-stomached animals, like humans, cannot. This process is fermentation and takes place without oxygen. This is like silage where you take items for silage for winter feed and let them break down in an enclosed area. Rumen bugs can multiply rapidly but factors like palatability, acid load, protein balance or insufficient available energy can reduce their growth.

Mechanical issues like fiber length, sorting, slug feeding, and trough space will also influence the rumen. Anti-nutritionals, like mycotoxins, nitrates, clostridia, and many other factors need to be addressed. More digestible forage means higher production for a given amount of concentrate. A better forage to concentration ratio can be achieved with this product and this is beneficial for cow health. If your cow is eating better in terms of protein and able to digest better, they are healthier and happier.

In a comparison test from Ireland’s Waterford Institute of Technology, Silo-King was compared with two of its competitors for silage. It outranked them in both crude protein and DM digestibility percentages. This is great news for those who want to start on the right foot with silage and forage and make sure that their cows have enough to eat that’s good for them over the winter season.