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Daily Requirements?

VT-Max dairy nutrition product supplies the daily requirements of vitamins including additional thiamine, trace minerals (inorganic and organic) and digestibility enhancers for dairy cows. It is designed to aid in herd and rumen health, immune function, body maintenance, and milk production. VT-Max is used in Lactation, Calf Grower, Calf Starter, Dry Cow and Pre-Fresh rations.

Vitamins for Stressful Periods of Feeding?

Super Micro® is designed to supply additional trace minerals and vitamins during stressful periods of feeding in all classes of dairy cattle. It can be fed to Pre- and Post-Fresh cows until they are confirmed pregnant. Super Micro should be used in High Producer Top Dress, Calf Starter and Calf Grower rations.

Increase in Feed Utilisation?

Ru-Max® is a product designed to increase feed utilisation for medium to high forage diets. Ru-Max® helps rumen bugs break down the forage and grain more efficiently.

Enhanced Ruminal Digestion?

Micro XX® is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance ruminal digestion when fed to all classes of dairy cattle. Micro XX® should be fed in situations when nitrates are present in the forages or water, water pH, water sulfate content, ration sulfur content, ration crude protein, soluble protein or ammonia are high.

Better Blood Calcium Levels at Calving Time?

Key-Lyte is designed to increase the number of anions (chlorides and sulfates containing a negative charge), resulting in beneficial Pre-Fresh Cow Index (PCI). A reduced PCI, between 450-55, during the pre-fresh period, induces metabolic acidosis, which improves the cow’s ability to maintain blood calcium levels at calving time.

Vitamins for Dry and Pre-Fresh?

Dry Cow Micro Pak is a product of vitamins, inorganic and organic trace minerals and rumen digestibility enhancers for feeding Dry and Pre-Fresh Cows. It is formulated to meet the nutrient requirements for fetal development, mammary gland involution, improved digestion and absorption, enhance immune functions and health, and minimize transition and metabolic problems.