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Agri-King is focused on dairy nutrition – our goal is to put diets together to achieve the production goals for the animals while promoting excellent feed efficiency, animal health, and fertility.

Dry Cows and Pre-Calvers

international dairy nutritionGetting the cows off to a good start will determine the success of the whole lactation. Care must be taken to avoid weight gain in the cows just after they are dried off, particularly in cows that have had an extended lactation. Then in the two to three weeks pre-calving the cow’s requirements change dramatically as she prepares for the lactation.

As the calf grows, intake falls, just as the cow starts to make colostrum. This double whammy of reduced dry matter intake and increased nutrient demand requires careful management to ensure an easy calving and smooth transition into the milking ration.

Health problems such as milk fever, retained placenta, metritis, and displaced abomasum are common after calving and lead to significant loss of production and fertility and of course, incur additional veterinary costs.

Milk Cow Programs

Agri-King puts rations together to meet your performance goals while promoting good feed efficiency, health, and fertility. Modern cows are bred to milk but unless the nutrients in the milk are replaced the cow will drain her body reserves and very soon, production and the cow will suffer.

This is why all of Agri-King’s products contain industry-leading levels of fortification. Our products are formulated using the latest research and contain excellent levels of trace minerals and vitamins A, D and E. Also, we provide B vitamins to aid the cow in fat and energy metabolism plus digestive enzymes and yeast. This is particularly important for high production and when cows are under stress.