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Beef Products

Agri-King strives to offer the best nutritional beef products for beef cattle of different breeds and ages. That is why we offer complete dietary formulations/rations and offer Maximiser® for beef producers. Contact us to learn more about the premium beef cattle products that we provide for customers in the UK and Ireland.

What is Maximiser®, and what does it do?

Maximiser® is a forage treatment containing a blend of enzymes, microbials, and nutrients designed to improve nutrient and mineral availability from cereals, soya, and by-products. As a result, this increases feed efficiency, improves growth rate and reduces days to finish. If you use cereals, soya, silage, etc., you may find yourself hitting a wall with how to get better digestibility and growth rates. With a product like this, you can stop worrying and enjoy the benefits that come with better feed efficiency and all of the benefits that accompany this product.