Feed Efficiency

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About Feed Efficiency

about feed efficiency in the uk and irelandFeed efficiency has been used in the swine and poultry industry for many years. Dairy and beef producers are now becoming more aware of the concept because of the high cost of feed. It is a simple measure of output of meat or milk per kilo of dry matter intake. On dairy farms, typical performance for the herd would be around 1.1 to 1.2 kilo of milk per kilo of dry matter intake. Raising this to 1.5 effectively reduces the cost of producing a litre of milk and at current milk/feed costs would save more than 80 pence per cow per day.

Ration balance has the major influence on feed efficiency, but health and fertility also play a major role by affecting production, days in milk and proportion of heifers in the herd. Our live yeast product, Ru-Max®, helps to stabilise rumen conditions, encouraging fiber digesting bugs and allowing the cow to release more energy from the forages.